Jun 292015
Clean traffic - how your ISP enables hacks against your online business

Telcos and ISPs don’t really care (much) about denial of service attacks against you. Their motivation is simple: Sell you as much bandwidth as possible. The more you buy, the more they get paid. Not good bits and bytes. Just raw bandwidth. The more you buy, the more they (your telco or ISP) gets paid. If your data pipes are filled with junk, your bandwith provider will happily sell you more. The more you buy, [read more]

Jun 242015
ROBS - Protecting your businesss from Denial of Service with Resilience

You’ve heard about denial of service attacks and distributed denial of service attacks. You may have been hit by one. You’ve decided to do something about it. You want to protect your business, but you don’t want to break the bank. Maybe you should do something, maybe you should just ride it out. Does it matter? You need a plan. You need a Resilient Online Business Strategy (ROBS). Dead Air In television and radio, there [read more]

Jun 152015
No Data Breaches, No Excuses - You can end data breaches today

3 critical US government data breaches in less than a month. Two that basically compromised the personal information on every US government employee (including my wife, thanks OPM!) and one at the IRS. Shameful. The government joins the private sector in gross data protection incompetence. Target, Home Depot, numerous health insurers. The list goes on and on and on and on. And these are the ones we know about. The bottom line is that organizations (government [read more]

Jun 122015
The "Script Kiddie"  Myth, Advanced Persistent Threats and the real danger to your business online

Do you know how to build a car? How about fabricate a gun? No? You can probably drive a car and, if you can’t right now, I suspect you could shoot a gun with modest competence soon enough. Certainly well enough to intimidate or rob someone (you’ve certainly seen guns used in movies). Script kiddie is a derogatory term that has polluted the discussion of computer security for more than a decade now. It refers [read more]

Jun 092015
Denial of Service Tactics - Floating Relays

The essence of a denial of service attack is stopping legitimate traffic to your online business. The hackers do this by saturating your network, your server, your web server, your app server, or your database. Whatever it takes to knock you out. But, what if you can keep the hacker away from you? Many denial of service attacks rely on finding your server and hitting it with everything they’ve got (or bought or bot). What [read more]