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Computer security often seems to be more of a headache than a help. Too often, you ask a simple question about how to protect your business and you get back a bunch of technical jargon about firewalls, 2-factor authentication, public key infrastructure…. and no idea as to whether your business is any safer than it was before.

Steven’s knowledge of applied cryptograpy was really invaluable. And his advice helps us to choose different business solution, which turns to advantage and saved much time. – Alexander H.

The only thing you are sure of is that you are out your valuable time and money for no real answer.

That is not how it is supposed to work.

Security is not supposed to be confusing, it is supposed to be confidence inspiring.

So, if you have a question, ask.

If you have a doubt, raise it.

If you aren’t ready to ask, no problem, just check out my archive of security answers.

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Then, when you are ready, let me know, and I’ll do what I can to help, because you are not alone.

Security is a core business discipline. If you are uncomfortable with your security, it is probably because you are getting technology answers to your business questions.

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Why Free2Secure?

I’ve worked in the security field for more than 28 years. I’ve worked on $100 Million projects and startups with barely a napkin’s worth of planning. For 6 years, I wrote a security blog and a book, and through it all, I kept seeing the same problems over and over again. We weren’t making any progress. I wasn’t helping people as much as I wanted.

Protecting Games is an excellent security handbook albeit a slightly overwhelming one that deserves a place on the bookshelf of anyone involved in the process of creating games. It arms us with the knowledge we need to make the right choices while navigating through the process of not only an building an entertaining game but a secure one as well. – P. Peron

Something had to change.

I took a step back.

And another.

And another.

Since 2000, I had been doing a lot of work with the computer game industry. The problems were different and interesting. Cheating and piracy are fun problems compared to old fashioned theft and fraud.

Around 2010, the computer game industry began going through a revolution. Not in game play or graphics, but in its business model.


The free-to-play business model has upended the traditional computer game industry. Instead of selling a shrink-wrapped product or a monthly subscription, companies began giving away their games for free. Money was only made on an “upsell”, often with very small transactions… very much as we’ve seen in the music industry with buying singles on iTunes.

Steven Davis is deeply informed on the increasingly important and complex security issues arising in the online gaming field. He has led the field in recognizing the connection between security and profitability – Allen V.

It’s good for you – games and music at a fraction of the cost for most people most of the time.

Steven has been an invaluable resource, advising us on a full spectrum of security and business issues related to our peer-to-peer MMO and unique game and IT concerns. He is the leading authority on game security today and his advice has already saved us untold time, money, and missteps. He clearly understands the business of online games and the needs of independent developers and publishers.  – Kelly R.

It’s good for the industry – more money by giving more people exactly what they want at the price they want to pay.

Why not Free2Secure?

Why not give security away? The economics of security seems stuck in either an old software model of shrink-wrap products or subscriptions or, at the high end, ridiculously expensive security products, subscriptions, and consulting.

There’s more to Free2Secure than this, but it is a start.

Are you ready for your free security?